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This is another joint from Ski Beatz’s collaborative project “24 hour karate school”. It seems that Mos Def flowing over beats by DJ Ski (I’m going to call him by his original name) just sounds right. This beat is amazing too. I could see these two doing an entire album together in the future. Just a random question: What is with old school rappers saying “Peace” at the beginning of a song? Doesn’t peace mean goodbye? Feel free to disregard that question. ANYWAYS, I don’t have an mp3 for this right now, just the video…but it’s a cool song nonetheless. Check it out.

This is a cool video to watch. Mos Def doing his best Doom impression live and the crowd just going nuts. This is probably one of my favourite Doom songs too.

Holy shit. New Gorillaz! This song is like 10 years old in Internet years, but it just came out like last week. This is the first leak off of their upcoming track. It’s dope. Doesn’t hurt that it features Mos Def as a guest. Enjoy. Here’s a download link in case you wanna download it. ¬†Props to 2dopeboyz on the link.

This is a ridiculous leak off of the new Reflection Eternal album that’s slated to drop sometime this year. All the rappers went in on this one. In my opinion, on this track, it goes J. Cole > Talib Kweli > Jay Electronica > Mos Def. Either way, here’s a download link:

So, for my first REAL blog post, I thought I’d post a video snippet of a new Mos Def song. Personally, I think he’s one of the best to ever do it and this track is just further proof. I’ll hit you up with the full mp3 when it drops. For now, enjoy the chilled out beat and Mos just doing what he does best.