Do you remember Valentine’s day as a kid in elementary school? I do. One thing that stands out in my mind is the rule that the teachers announced every year. Each year, a couple weeks before Valentine’s day, the teacher would stand in front of the class  and say,  “Just a reminder, if you’re going to give out Valentine’s cards, you have to give one to everyone.” This was, of course, to teach us the very accurate life lesson that everyone is equal and that everyone loves each other equally (*cough*). The result of this rule, it seemed, was that greeting card companies had a field day mass producing shitty, low quality, Valentine’s day cards for kids, with every possible, recognizable face on them. I remember receiving Valentine’s cards with Spiderman on them. These cards had stupid slogans on them like “My spidey sense is tingling…with love, Happy Valentine’s Day!” or literary genius like “I’ll catch you in my web…of friendship, Happy Valentine’s Day!” It didn’t seem to matter to these greeting card companies that Spiderman has nothing to do with valentine’s day; they were simply trying to find a kid-friendly face to put on these cards. Though I haven’t seen children’s Valentine’s day cards in a very long time (A fact I’m surprisingly okay with), I’d imagine today’s cards are similar, except with the faces of pop icons like Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. With Hip Hop becoming increasingly affiliated with the mainstream, I began to wonder if, somewhere, there were Valentine’s day cards with rapper’s faces on them. After thinking about this for 3 seconds, I realized how stupid of a thought this was. Even if such cards existed, there’s no way they’d be allowed anywhere near a 3 km radius of a primary school. I took the liberty of making some examples. Oh, and I made one with Amy Winehouse for good measure. Just to prove that girls can be offensive too! Enjoy!