First off, I just want to say that this entire project is crazy. Think about the ambition it takes for a rapper to tackle just one Illmatic song, let alone the entire album. I have to admit that I had my reservations when I first heard about the Elmatic project. Elzhi, however, is no slouch on the mic. He is one of the most consistent, underrated rappers in the game by far and he proved every single one of my reservations wrong. Check out this project if you want to hear a guy absolutely slaughter some of the greatest beats hip hop history. The fresh production is also a nice addition. Will Sessions puts a nice touch on the beats, recreating them with the help of a live orchestra. Although this project may not live up to Illmatic (let’s face it, what really can?), it is good enough to be treated and judged as its own independent body of work. There’s not much else to say. Give it a listen.