I think Odd Future is the closest thing to Punk that I’ve seen in hip hop in a while. Just a bunch of kids who couldn’t care less about the opinions of others, who make music strictly for themselves. Tyler The Creator’s latest offering “Goblin” is a complex piece of art. It’s violent, offensive, and seeks easy shock value whenever it can get it. Yet, it’s creative, introspective, and insightful at times when one would least expect it. It’s devoid of almost any crossover appeal. In fact, it’s almost screaming at it’s audience not to like it. The closest thing to a catchy chorus on it is Tyler’s chant on the song Radical, “Kill People, Burn Shit, Fuck School.” That should say it all. The song above is a perfect example of the various layers that exist throughout the album. In this song Tyler laments about newfound success, suicidal thoughts, the perception of his music by white America, his father, and so many other things. If you haven’t heard of OFWGKTA by now, it’ll be hard to describe what this album is like to you. You should really just listen to it.