How is it that the Beastie Boys are still putting out dope music and it’s 25 years since their first full rap album? These guys are a testament to the fact that you can achieve longevity in Hip Hop and that it’s not just a game for youngsters.  As one of them raps on the song Too Many Rappers, on their newest release Hot Sauce Committee Part 2, “Oh My Goodness, look at me. Grandpa’s been rappin’ since ’83.” 28 years into making rap music, and this album is still as experimental and genre bending as any of their albums ever were. This song right here is a testament. You get a reggae/ska feel with the horns, some hardcore hip hop lyricism on the verses, and then Santogold on the chorus? It shouldn’t even work, but it does. The album gets a major thumbs up from me. Check out the song and the album if you get a chance.