In my opinion, the Lasers leaks so far have been a bit questionable. This one, however, is more like it! I love Lupe. He’s the first hip hop artist whose career I’ve had the chance to follow from humble beginnings as a mixtape artist to a full-bred star in their own right. As such, I expect a lot from him. To me, “The Show Must Go On” and “Words I Never Said” didn’t quite live up to my expectations. Both songs seemed to be highly influenced by his record label, as if they were punishing him for passing on “Nothin’ On You.”  This is especially evident with “Words I Never Said” where Lupe uses the same producer-hook combo as both Diddy’s “I’m Coming Home” and Dr. Dre’s “I Need A Doctor”. This is not to mention the problems I had with some of his political statements. This song, however, feels like a return to Food & Liquor Lupe. Lupe poses some interesting hypotheticals that make you think. I don’t want to spoil too much. Just listen to the song and get into thinker mode.