Using my credibility as a blogger the internet, I was able to obtain an advance copy of Adele’s new album “21.” This is an album that I’ve been highly anticipating ever since I heard her debut about a year ago. Adele’s debut was an album that was filled with inspired production, jazzy nuances, and well-written songs. The latter is still apparent on her follow-up but the former two have been pushed aside in favour of a more Rock & Roll/Pop-approach. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. The best parts of this album are those that stray from the traditional formula (Such as the song above, “Rolling in the Deep,” “Lovesong,” and “He Won’t Go”). One can really hear the influence of Rick Rubin, who was brought on to help with production of the album, on these songs. The album is at its worst, however, on songs like “I’ll Be Waiting,” and “One and Only”. On these songs, Adele has abandoned much of what I loved about her in the first place. She still has an amazing voice, but the jazzy element that was once there is now gone. To add to this, these songs are accompanied by unoriginal production. Sometimes, however, her new approach works. Adele can still belt ’em out with the rest of them, as one can witness on her song “Someone Like You.” Unfortunately, this strength is also a weakness. Her powerful voice seems to be one of the things that carries the album. As its own body of work, 21 is not a bad album. Unfortunately, the bar was set really high with her first album and she fails to clear it.