I’ve been here for years!

Well, technically it’s been about one year, albeit with some rather long breaks. I realize I haven’t updated the blog in a while, but I’m going to start updating it daily or semi-daily again after the new year. During my hiatus, I missed some of the year’s most important music, whether it was Kanye’s MBDTF (and it’s preceding G.O.O.D. Fridays), the Detox leaks, new songs from Adele, Toro Y Moi, etc. This is why I’m going to put together a couple year-end lists that summarize the last year in music. I’ll start posting new music again in 2011! Keep in mind, I don’t claim to have heard all of the music that was released this past year. That would be a ridiculous feat for anyone to accomplish. But I’ll rank the music according to my personal favs. Feel free to agree, disagree, argue, and share opinions if you want.


– hiiwiip