Due to some label politics, this track won’t appear on Big Boi’s: “Sir Luscious Leftfoot” that’s dropping within the the next month. That sucks cause this song is really dope. The beat, produced by Boi 1da, is sick and so is pretty much everything that Big Boi and Andre 3000 do together. Unfortunately, none of the songs they recorded together have been greenlighted to appear on Big Boi’s album. Apparently, what happened is that Jive (OutKast’s record label) did not know how to market Big Boi’s album and so he took it to Def Jam for a solo deal. Since Outkast is still signed to Jive, however, any song that Big Boi and Andre 3000 are on together is technically controlled by Jive. So Jive isn’t allowing Big Boi to use either this song OR Royal Flush for his album. Industry Rule # 4080: Record company people are shadyy. Anyways, check the track and download if you enjoy it: