This is the first full album review that I’m doing for the blog. I guess I’ve been finding myself with more time on my hands lately. Without further ado, heree we go:

Drake’s “Thank Me Later” has been much anticipated ever since the mixtape “So Far Gone” dropped last year. I never completely bought into the hype surrounding him. I found that I liked some songs and I disliked some. After a slew of leaked tracks, the album is finally here. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype.

1) Fireworks (Feat. Alicia Keys)

Good start to the album. Well written, dope production. You can hear flourishes of Kanye throughout his verses. It’s kind of weird how this song has two choruses though. After each verse, Drake sings a chorus and then Alicia Keys sings a different chorus with a different melody. I’m just nitpicking though. Overall, good song.

2) Karaoke

Ever since “So Far Gone” dropped, I’ve maintained that I like Drake as a singer more than a rapper. This song is no exception. Plus, it’s produced by Francis And The Lights. Props to Drake for being able to recognize the talent. The melody isn’t as instantly catchy as some from “So Far Gone: were but I don’t think that’s what he’s going for. 2 for 2 so far.

3)  The Resistance

By this point, I was starting to think I was going to really enjoy this album. More verses that remind me of Kanye. The part that really reminds me of Kanye is the part where he talks about not finding time to call his grandmother in the nursing home but still  being able  to call all the girls he met at the mall. This sort of self-introspection is something that Kanye is known for. 3 for 3.

4) Over

And what a coincidence? The streak of good songs is..OVER. Get it? This song sucks. I tried to like it. I really did. But he’s not saying anything on it. You can literally listen to this entire song and not extract one thing of substance from it. The hook sucks, the verses suck…What more is there to say?

5) Show Me A Good Time

Does anyone else find this beat incredibly annoying? Kanye did the production of this track and it’s massively over produced. I didn’t like when he used this sound on “Whatever You Want” by Consequence and I don’t like it now. One of the things about So Far Gone that people liked was that the beats were minimalistic. Not to say that they were boring, but that sometimes, less is more. This song could have been really dope. The hook is really catchy, and the verses are decent. The over-production is really what ruined it. Overall, this song is mediocre.

6) Up All Night (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

Oh God. Can’t I just skip this one? I hate Nicki Minaj and I hate that people think she’s the “best female rapper out.” That’s just untrue. Drake’s first verse is cool and then the rest of this song is actually fucking terrible. The hook sucks and so does Nicki Minaj’s verse. And then, right when I thought the song was over, they bring the terrible chorus back in. What the fuck was the point of this song?

7) Fancy (Ft. Swizz Beatz & T.I.)

I initially really liked the beat of this track and then the song kept going and I remembered exactly how repetitive Swizz Beatz songs are. His chorus actually gets really grating. I don’t have a problem with a track made for the ladies so long as it’s executed properly. The verses are okay, it’s just the hook and the really repetitive beat that’s bothering me. And then, mid-way through the song, it just turns into a completely different song. Wtf? The beat changes and Drake starts singing, with the same annoying chorus though. I don’t get it.

8 ) Shut It Down (Feat. The Dream)

I really liked this track when I first heard it and I still do. It’s very reminiscent of the R&B songs from “So Far Gone” with the minimalistic production and the catchy melodies. The CD-version includes an extended verse by The Dream which was cool and a new outro that was unnecessary but also cool. First good song in a while.

9) Unforgettable (Feat. Young Jeezy)

I like this song. The beat is amazing, the hook is cool, and Drake’s verse is good. But I can’t be the only one who noticed that this sounds like a Young Jeezy song that just so happens to have Drake on it. Jeezy raps for longer than Drake and he really makes the song with his unique flow. So, despite the fact that I like this song, it really doesn’t win Drake any points for his album cause it’s not really HIS song.

10) Light Up (Feat. Jay-Z)

I can get on board with this song. Cool beat, cool verses, decent hook. Jay-Z’s verse is really dope too. His line about Windows 7 was especially sick. Three good songs in a row, it would seem that this album is getting good again.

11) Miss Me (Feat. Lil’ Wayne)

And here comes Lil’ Wayne to ruin that. But to be honest, I can’t completely blame him for this. This whole thing just sucks. Fuck this song. Everything from Drake’s fake southern accent, (seriously when he says the words “whats haddening”, I actually cringed) to Drake’s proposal to Nicki Minaj, to Lil Wayne’s verse are just terrible. The only saving grace is a somewhat decent hook. But not even that can save this.

12) Cece’s Interlude

What an abortion of a song. This is the first song where Drake’s singing and I really dislike it. Someone needs to tell him that combining several different, short melodies does not make one cohesive melody. This doesn’t even make sense as a song. It’s like someone was whistling a bunch of different tunes and decided to record it.

13) Find Your Love

I like this song. Very catchy. I don’t care if it sounds exactly like something Kanye Did on 808s and Heartbreaks, it’s just a cool track. You’ve all heard it, so no need to spend too much time talking about it.

14) Thank Me Now

This song has a strong Jay-Z influence. You can hear it, especially in the hook. Maybe I’m just thinking it reminds me of Jay-Z’s song “Thank You”. Either way, this is a cool song and a good way to end the album. I like that he’s aware that this could potentially be his last successful album and he says it on the track. Maybe I’m just nitpicking but the outro at the end is completely unnecessary.


The best parts of this album are really good and the worst parts of this album are really bad. There was the potential here to make a really good album and it was squandered by filler, over production, and maybe a couple too many guest features.

Overall Rating: 6/10