So, everyone always asks me what my opinion is on Drake. Well, to tell you the truth…I think he’s cool. I enjoy his music. When his songs comes on the radio, I don’t turn off the station or change the channel. He makes good mainstream music. Sure, I prefer his singing to his rapping. Sure he has the same flow on every song and sure there are hundreds of more talented rappers that deserve to be in the spot he’s in right now. But, at the end of the day I’m rooting for the Jewish boy out of Canada. He knows how to put a song together and he’s very marketable. As for this song though? He had the whole world listening and this is what he came up with? C’monnn Drake, you could have done better. He definitely needs something a bit catchier for his next single. I’m a fan of this song, but I’m not sure if it’ll catch on the way “Best I Ever Had” or “Forever” did. Then again, maybe it will based on the name alone.  Anyways, Check it out and download it if you like: