What’s up everyone? I know it’s been a while since my last post. My computer’s been on the fritz lately so I’ve been trying to find a way around that. This post is a pretty sudden change from my usual music posts, but I thought it was really interesting to watch. The back and forth between these guys is hilarious.

Some noteworthy points:

Bill O’Reilly’s Pakistani accent. Wtf? Probably the worst thing that he could do.

His assertion that John Stewart takes things out of context on his show. Wait, isn’t that supposed to be a comedy show? Well that’s what I thought. The fox network does this all the time and calls it news and not comedy.

Bill O’Reilly comparing John Stewart’s liberal beliefs to Christianity. Wtf moment #2.

Both of them make very broad generalizations to get their points across. John Stewart sometimes hides behind humour and analogies.