So, this past Tuesday, I got the opportunity to go see Shaun Boothe in concert. For those of you who don’t know who he is, and I assume that will be the majority of you, Shaun Boothe is the guy who makes the song Poor Boy. The one that sample’s Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. In case you’re still hazy, here’s a link to the song on youtube.

Anyways, the concert was free at the University of Waterloo pub. So, I’m thinking artist whose song gets played on the radio + free concert….there’d be a large turnout, right? Wrong. I’m not sure if its the fact that no one in Waterloo really knows who he is or if it was the school’s fault for not promoting the concert properly, BUT in total there were about 12 people in the audience. In my opinion, the school could have done a MUCH better job promoting the concert. It was free for god sakes. They could have at least handed out flyers.

So, the concert starts and Daniel Daley (the opening act) takes the stage. Initially, I’ll admit, that I did not know who he was. However, once he took the stage, he had a nice smooth R&B voice and I took notice. He did some songs that I had never heard before, busted out a brief covers of Trey Songz – Invented Sex, Boyz II Men – End of The Road, And Jason Derulo’s -Whatcha say, and then got into a song that I’d heard but didn’t know was made by him. Perhaps some of you may have heard this one on the radio. The song’s called “wanna be loved” and I initially thought it was made by Usher. Give it a listen and see if you recognize it. . All in all, Daniel Daley’s performance was cool. He was not phased at all by the small crowd and his singing was on point throughout.

After playing one of Shaun Boothe’s dope unauthorized biography segments  (Check them out on youtube) as an introduction, Shaun Boothe took the stage. He started with his song “Music Man” which is definitely my favourite song by him. It features Amanda Diva and has a dope beat and verses. Give it a listen. . Of course, I was the only one in the audience who knew the words to the song, so I rapped along as loudly as possible. After that, he did a couple cool sounding songs that I’d never heard. Shaun Boothe is a charismatic performer who followed a script throughout the performance despite the audience’s refusal to participate. I give him major credit for not getting phased. The audience even refused to sing Bohemian Rhapsody when he tried to get them to as a lead in to “Poor Boy.” He even went through with the song about phone sex, even though it was sorta awkward with only 12 people in the audience. He persevered and put on a good show. The new songs sounded really cool and I think his album should be dope. If you guys don’t listen to him now, you should. He makes good music.  Overall, the concert was good, however, it would have been much better with a better audience.